Books by Paula Harmon

The Wrong Sort To Die  London 1910. Dr Margaret Demeray is approached by a stranger called Fox to help find out what’s killed two impoverished men. How can a memory she’d buried possibly be linked to the deaths? And how come the closer she gets to Fox the more danger she faces herself? Margaret must discover the truth before someone – known or unknown – silences her for good.

Death In The Last Reel London 1911. While tensions between police and anarchists worsen, Margaret and Fox need to discover who is behind a significant threat to London. But enquiries in wealthy Hampstead, then poverty-stricken Whitechapel lead to genteel Glassmakers Lane where Margaret has been working. What secrets hide secrets behind its polished doors? And how does a dead young woman Margaret can’t forget link in?

The Treacherous Dead London Summer 1912. When Dr Margaret Demeray hears of an unlikely spy plot, Fox is reminded of an investigation at the end of the Boer War ten years earlier, when a traitor drowned on his watch. But just as they decide the allegation is nonsense, a young woman is found dead and evidence links her murder to Fox and his 1902 investigation. Is someone seeking revenge? Or are they using knowledge of Fox’s involvement to distract attention from the selling of military secrets? With London crippled by a series of strikes, Margaret and Fox struggle to try discover the truth, but as the net closes in on Fox, Margaret finds herself fighting not just for her family’s safety but for his reputation… and ultimately his life. Exactly how far is Margaret prepared to go to protect him?

MURDER BRITANNICA: It’s AD 190AD in what is now broadly north of Cardiff. Romano-Briton Lucretia is determined that her get-rich-quick scheme will not be undermined by minor things like her husband’s death, dubious imposters or her married daughter’s fascination with a celebrity gladiator. But when the deaths start to mount up, local wise-woman Tryssa starts to ask questions.

 MURDER DURNOVARIA AD 191. An ancient grove, broken promises, a lost keepsake. The last time Lucretia saw the town of Durnovaria she’d just rejected an arranged teenage marriage, but now she’s back to claim an inheritance, taking the local wise-woman Tryssa as a companion. Unknown to anyone, two hapless grave-robbers have been seeking ancient treasures in a stone circle nearby. As the past starts to catch up with the present, Tryssa must discover who would kill rather than reveal long-buried truths… and what those truths actually are.

MURDER SATURNALIA Midwinter, AD 192. While Lucretia follows another money-making scheme and Dun the ex-grave-robber is hired for a Saturnalia job, Fabio avoids marriage to shy Adriane by joining Petros undercover in Vademlutra. But an unexpected death means Fabio, Petros, Adriane and Dun must work together to prevent not only more bloodshed but Roman retribution.  


Amazon Link Apple/Kobo/B&N etc Link KINDLING: Thirty-two stories as varied as British skies; contemporary stories, mystery stories,, ghost stories, fantasy stories, re-imagined fairy tales and science fiction stories. Triumphs and challengers, tears and laughter. A friend, a stranger, a turn in the path. What if…


THE ADVENT CALENDAR: Imagine an old fashioned advent calendar. Imagine that there’s a picture behind each door. What if each picture told a story about Christmas, not the way it’s hyped, but the way it is, or can be or could be? A story each day for advent.

AN INVITATION FOR CHRISTMASSeven short Christmas stories. A little nostalgia, a little mystery, a little magic, a little romance. For the characters, Christmas is about to change everything.

Amazon link Apple/Kobo/B&N etc link NIGHT NAVIGATION (Short Ghost Stories): Ten ghosts stories, haunting, poignant for long dark evenings.

Amazon link Apple/Kobo/B&N etc link THE GOOD WIFE (Novella): England 1895. After her husband’s murder, can Charlotte ever find a new future, without facing up to the past?

THE CLUTTERING DISCOMBOBULATOR: the story of a man who never quite grows up and the family caught up in the chaos. Extract from reviews: ‘I’m sure, like me, you’ll find yourself edging him on to cause more havoc to his long-suffering family.’…’subtle humour and some killingly hilarious insights…Very cleverly constructed, this is a gem.’…’ you’ll forget about the dishes in the sink and the dust on the bookshelves’…’humorous but very affectionate ….This is a lovely book!’ To find out the background to the book, click here

THE QUEST  In a parallel universe, dragons are used for fuel and the people who understand them are feared as spies and traitors. Dorissa and Menilly, estranged sisters descended from the dragon-people, are desperate to find their runaway brother before he falls victim to the urban underworld. But the mysterious Mr Beringer believes they are the only key to saving the country from revolution. Who can be trusted in a fog-bound city, which simmers with unrest and deceit?

THE SEASIDE DRAGON (for children aged 8+) When Laura and Jane’s father takes them to a rundown holiday cottage, the worse they expect is to have to manage without wifi for a few days. The last thing they expect is to find themselves face to face with a dragon and in no time at all, fighting to save their parents.

You can find all my books as ebooks and paperbacks at AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE. All except for six (including the three below) are in Kindle Unlimited.

Night Navigation, The Good Wife and Kindling are also available in ebook form on Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and other digital platforms. (‘An Invitation to Christmas’ will be joining them soon.)


Cover credits: Please see Amazon pages for cover credits.

2 thoughts on “Books by Paula Harmon

  1. Are there anymore books in the Lucretia Roman British series coming? I enjoyed the two books but would love to see Lucretia get her comeuppance. She is the most arrogant, self indulgent nasty spirited person I have ever read about. Also interested in Tryssa’s future.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lorraine – hopefully a third will be out later this year all being well. Tryssa will be there too, making sure Lucretia doesn’t get away with anything, so keep your eyes peeled!


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