Feisty Women Talk – References

Here are just some of the links and books which formed some of the research behind my talk and my historical mysteries, as well as some blog posts of my own on curious things I’ve discovered while getting lost down rabbit holes!

Women and events which might have inspired or affected Margaret

Medics and Reformers

Women in UK Medicine

Elizabeth Garrett-Anderson

BBC – History – Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

The History Press | 11 little-known things about Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

Louisa Aldrich-Blake

Dame Louisa Aldrich-Blake: Britain’s First Female Surgeon – Science Museum Blog

Beatrice Webb

Beatrice Webb (lse.ac.uk)

Beatrice Webb: a biography | Rethinking Poverty

The Fight For Suffrage

Millicent Fawcett

Millicent Garret Fawcett: British Suffrage Activist (thoughtco.com)

Millicent Fawcett, Forgotten Hero of the Women’s Suffragist Movement – The Museum of Cambridge

Emmeline Pankhurst

Emmeline Pankhurst (nationalarchives.gov.uk)

How Did Emmeline Pankhurst Help Achieve Women’s Suffrage? | History Hit

Princess Sophia Duleep-Singh

Sophia Duleep Singh: Princess and suffragette | The British Library (bl.uk)

Sophia Duleep Singh | Hampton Court Palace | Historic Royal Palaces (hrp.org.uk)

Annie Kenney

Annie Kenney – The Overlooked Suffragette | History Blog UK (theministryofhistory.co.uk)

Annie Kenney: Manchester’s forgotten suffragette who was arrested 13 times (inews.co.uk)


Mme la Baronne de Laroche

Raymonde de Laroche – Wikipedia

Dorothy Levitt

Dorothy Levitt: A Pioneer for Female Motorists — East End Women’s Museum (eastendwomensmuseum.org)

Alice Guy-Blaché

The Girls We Should Thank for Kickstarting Hollywood (messynessychic.com)

Troubled Times

Emily Hobhouse & The Boer War

Emily Hobhouse and the Boer war | The Guardian Foundation | The Guardian

Emily Hobhouse – Wikipedia

1910 Black Friday

Black Friday and the Suffragette struggle | Museum of London

1912 Strikes

1912: a year of strikes in the East End of London | libcom.org

Remembering London 1912 – Freedom News

Sport and Leisure

Edwardian Female Olympians

The British Newspaper Archive Blog Early Women Olympians | The British Newspaper Archive Blog

Edwardian Ladies Swimming In The Thames

Forgotten Thames champions | Museum of London


Roller Skating and Avoiding The Census Enumerator in 1911

WALKS/Suffrage Stories: The Suffragette 1911 Census Boycott: Where and What Was the Aldwych Skating Rink? | Woman and her Sphere

WALKS/Suffrage Stories: Suffragettes and Tea Rooms: The Gardenia Restaurant | Woman and her Sphere

Other Resources

Booth Map of Poverty (online/comparative)


British Newspaper Archives



Arthur, Max ‘Lost Voices of the Edwardians’

‘Booth’s Maps of London Poverty East & West 1889’ (Old House Books)

Darby, Nell ‘Sister Sleuths’ (Pen & Sword)

Hawksley, Lucinda ‘March Women March’ (Welbeck Publishing)

Heffer, Simon ‘The Age of Decadence – Britain 1880-1914’ (Windmill Books)

Newby, Jennifer ‘Women’s Lives – Researching Women’s Social History 1800-1939’ (Pen & Sword)

Putnam, Bill ‘Discover Dorset – The Romans’ (The Dovecote Press)

Robb, Graham ‘The Ancient Paths’ (Picador)

Roberts, Alice ‘The Celts’ (Heron Books)

‘Suffragette Manifestos’ (Penguin Classics)

Trevarthen, Mike ‘Suburban Life in Roman Durnovaria’ (The Dorset Press)

Waddington, Keir ‘Charity and the London Hospitals 1850-1898’ (Boydell Press)

And if you want to read some contemporary Victorian/Edwardian mystery fiction with female leads, or some historical mystery fiction with female leads, why not check these out?

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Dancers: Undetermined, published in The Salk Lake Tribune (Feb 25th, 1912), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Charles Booth, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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