The Treacherous Dead (Margaret Demeray Book 3)

London 1912. A long dead traitor. A long fought battle for independence. Who wants to destroy Fox, and what is Margaret prepared to do to save him?
When an apparent murder is connected to Fox and his men, he and Margaret must work out the links to an investigation ten years before, when a traitor in the Boer War drowned on Fox’s watch. Is there someone now seeking revenge? Or is someone using knowledge of it to cover up the selling of military secrets? With London crippled by a series of strikes, Margaret and Fox struggle to try discover the truth, but as the net closes in on Fox, Margaret finds herself fighting not just for her family’s safety but for his reputation… and ultimately his life. Exactly how far is Margaret prepared to go to protect him?

Meanwhile intelligence agent Fox is trying to establish whether rumours of a major threat to London are linked to known anarchist gangs or someone outside Britain with a different agenda. When another mission fails and he asks Margaret to help find out who provided the false intelligence that led him in the wrong direction, she can’t wait to assist.

But enquiries in wealthy Hampstead and then assaults in Whitechapel backstreets lead unexpectedly back to Glassmakers Lane. How can such a quiet place be important? And is the dead young woman Margaret can’t forget a critical link or a coincidental irrelevance?

Margaret and Fox need to work together; but both of them are independent, private and stubborn, and have yet to negotiate the terms of their relationship.

How can Margaret persuade Fox to stop protecting her so that she can ask the questions he can’t? And even if she does, how can they discover is behind the threat to London when it’s not entirely clear what the threat actually is?