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The Margaret Demeray Series

Set in the lead up to World War 1, Dr Margaret Demeray is a pathologist in a London hospital, whose chance meting with a man called Fox draws her into the world of pre-war espionage. Although, was it really a chance meeting?

The Murder Britannica Series

Set in 2nd Century south western Roman occupied Britain (modern SE Wales and Dorset), this sometimes tongue-in-cheek classic era style murder mystery series revolves around a wealthy but slightly dysfunctional family of Britons determined to enjoy what Rome has to offer provided it’s of benefit – led by a matriarch called Lucretia who is constantly frustrated in her attempts to get even richer by people dropping dead all the time.

Short Story Collections

Stories in many genres and many moods.

Standalones – some of which will become series

Apart from ‘The Cluttering Discombobulator’, I hope that the books below (one of which is for children) will become series. Keep watching, but in the meantime, click on the button below to find out more.


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2 thoughts on “Books by Paula Harmon

  1. Are there anymore books in the Lucretia Roman British series coming? I enjoyed the two books but would love to see Lucretia get her comeuppance. She is the most arrogant, self indulgent nasty spirited person I have ever read about. Also interested in Tryssa’s future.

    1. Hi Lorraine – hopefully a third will be out later this year all being well. Tryssa will be there too, making sure Lucretia doesn’t get away with anything, so keep your eyes peeled!

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