What if there’s… a woman reading in a moonlit forest; a woman returning to her childhood home; a woman running from hers; a woman recalling the mysteries of a old house; a woman discovering the mysteries of an older one; a woman trying to remember; a woman desperate to forget…?

What if there’s … a boy who needs a witch, a boy who very much doesn’t, a young man rethinking a quest.

Thirty-two stories as varied as British skies; contemporary stories, mystery stories,, ghost stories, fantasy stories, re-imagined fairy tales and science fiction stories.

Triumphs and challengers, tears and laughter. A friend, a stranger, a turn in the path. What if…

You have been given an old fashioned advent calendar. It contains no chocolate, just twenty-five doors. Every day in December you open a door and find a picture representing Christmas-time. What if each of those pictures had a story to tell?

This is a collection of stories about Christmas. Family Christmases, mysterious Christmases, lonely Christmases. The Christmases as they should be, as they sometimes are and how they might be. Funny, fantastical, thought-provoking. A story for every day for advent.

Hide but don’t seek.

By rivers and in houses and hotels, among ancient hills, in a lighthouse and down a backstreet, are people with secrets. 

Some want to change the future and others to change the past. One person just wants to go home and another just wants to sleep.  

Secrets and lies.

For some, their secret could mean the end of everything. Who will get what they want? And if they do, will they end up with more than they bargained for?

Ten ghost short stories for dark evenings.

Seven short Christmas stories. A little nostalgia, a little mystery, a little magic, a little romance. For the characters, Christmas is about to change everything.