Apart from ‘The Cluttering Discombobulator’, I hope that these will become series in due course.

1895 England – when you can’t hide from your past, how can you face the future?

Shy Charlotte Addison is only twenty-four but it feels as if life is already over. When her cruel husband Edmund is murdered, she assumes she’ll remain stuck with her bitter mother-in-law and village gossip forever.  

So given the chance to escape into obscurity with her children, Charlotte jumps at the chance.

But her relief is short-lived and Charlotte is horrified when her first love Tom Powell, arrives to investigate the murder. 

Why was Edmund Addison killed? And what is the link between his death and a runaway maid? 

Finding the answers means Charlotte must leave her safe little world, even at the risk of ruining her reputation. 

Can Charlotte conquer her fears and pride to work with the man who broke her heart to put things right including the reason for his disappearance? Or will her involvement put her in a danger she hadn’t foreseen?

‘Don’t worry,’ said Dad.

Could everything be fixed with Duct Tape? Dad thought so. And then there was food: was there ever a recipe Dad wouldn’t try regardless of whether he had the right ingredients? And holidays: weather was just a state of mind, wasn’t it? When things went wrong, he looked to Laura and Jane to sort things out. The trouble was that Laura wouldn’t forgive Jane for being youngest and Jane wouldn’t forgive Laura for being oldest. Mum just thought they all needed their heads banging together.

Then Laura and Jane grow up and became sensible. Have they forgotten the fun they used to have?

But Dad… even retired, even as a grandfather, even in his dreams: growing up is just something which happens to boring people.

Party on! Everything will be fine!


In a parallel universe, dragons are used for fuel and the people who understand them are feared as spies and traitors.

Dorissa and Menilly, estranged sisters descended from the dragon-people, are desperate to find their runaway brother before he falls victim to the urban underworld.

But the mysterious Mr Beringer believes they are the only key to saving the country from revolution.

Who can be trusted in a fog-bound city, which simmers with unrest and deceit?

For ages 7+

When Laura and Jane’s father takes them to a rundown holiday cottage, the worse they expect is to have to manage without wifi for a few days. The last thing they expect is to find themselves face to face with a dragon and in no time at all, fighting to save their parents.