Books by Paula Harmon & Liz Hedgecock

‘Plenty of twists and turns in the plot made me not want to put the book down.’ –  ‘An enjoyable and well-researched read.’ – ‘The mystery itself snags you right from the get-go.’ – ‘The cast is deep and of fascinating variety, moving the story along at a nice pace, full of palpable problems.’ – ‘I would recommend it to those who like mysteries, because this one got me all the way to the end.’

A series of mysteries set in the 1890s.

A frustrated typist, a bore socialite, an anonymous letter apparently from a terrified woman – what could bring them together? And what happens when they are?

Does being a lady mean you have to be bored out of your head? We don’t think so.

The Case of the Black Tulips When Katherine Demeray opens an unsigned letter addressed to her missing father, she is drawn into a quest to find the terrified letter-writer and learn the secret of the black tulips. Struggling to support herself after her father’s disappearance, Katherine has neither time nor money to solve the mystery alone. She has no choice but to seek help from a woman she has only just met; awkward socialite Connie Swift.

The Case of the Runaway Client When Katherine and Connie take on a case at a music hall, they enter a new, exciting, and frightening world. The duo are hired to calm the nerves of Ellen Howe, top of the bill at the Merrymakers Music Hall. She keeps freezing on stage, though she insists that nothing is wrong. It seems like an easy case – until Ellen disappears, leaving only a note behind her. And the rest of the cast are giving nothing away.

The Case of the Deceased Clerk The Department recruit the duo to investigate London’s mediums and mesmerists, several of whom are suspected of fraud. Katherine and Connie must pose as clients to discover what goes on behind closed doors. The deeper they delve, the more unsettling the duo’s findings become. Disturbing revelations shake their confidence in themselves and their mission. They are followed, and spied on. And when Miss Robson joins the team, she raises a ghost whom she had hoped was laid to rest for ever…

The Case of the Masquerade Mob When Katherine and Connie accept invitations to a charity masked ball, they anticipate nothing but a fun evening out. The event changes everything, as Katherine is abruptly dismissed for attending and Connie is asked to investigate the sudden death of a friend who was involved in organising it. Caster and Fleet are back on the case. However, things do not go smoothly. Another unexpected death occurs, and when the duo probe further they risk putting both themselves and their families in peril, as the case moves uncomfortably close to home…

The Case of the Fateful Legacy When Miss Quinton, the Kings’ elderly neighbour at Hazelgrove, dies, no-one is surprised. Katherine and Connie are too busy trying to find a client’s missing family, not to mention having difficulties with their own. But when the doctor orders a post-mortem, and Miss Quinton’s will delivers several surprises, the duo have no choice but to get involved. It becomes even more urgent when Evangeline King, the chief beneficiary of Miss Quinton’s will, receives a poison-pen letter. And then there is a death even closer to home…

The Case of the Crystal Kisses When Katherine and Connie receive a note from Mr Maynard at the Department, his request seems easy. After all, how hard can it be to investigate confectionery? But Crystal Kisses are everywhere, and frighteningly addictive. How have the sweets become so popular? And why are so many being given away? Connie and Katherine travel across London, where they see the power of the sweets for themselves, and before too long find themselves back in the music hall, where they make some disturbing connections…

The Case of the Peculiar Pantomime (Christmas novella) When Katherine and Connie hear from an old music-hall acquaintance just before Christmas, they expect nothing more than a good night out. However, the eerie noises and mysterious figures at the Merrymakers Music Hall are causing consternation among audience and actors alike. Can Katherine and Connie solve the mystery and calm all the restless spirits – including their own – before the curtain falls and Christmas is ruined?

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