Books by Paula Harmon & Liz Hedgecock

‘Plenty of twists and turns in the plot made me not want to put the book down.’ –  ‘An enjoyable and well-researched read.’ – ‘The mystery itself snags you right from the get-go.’ – ‘The cast is deep and of fascinating variety, moving the story along at a nice pace, full of palpable problems.’ – ‘I would recommend it to those who like mysteries, because this one got me all the way to the end.’

A series of mysteries set in the 1890s.

A frustrated typist, a bore socialite, an anonymous letter apparently from a terrified woman – what could bring them together? And what happens when they are?

Does being a lady mean you have to be bored out of your head? We don’t think so.

The Case of the Black Tulips

The Case of the Runaway Client

The Case of the Deceased Clerk

The Case of the Masquerade Mob

The Case of the Fateful Legacy

The Case of the Crystal Kisses

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Venturing Out

Finding the Plot – Venturing Out part two

Masked Mayhem