The Case of the Runaway Client (Caster & Fleet Mysteries Book 2)


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Will Miss Caster and Miss Fleet see their names in lights?

When Katherine and Connie take on a case at a music hall, they enter a new, exciting, and frightening world.

The duo are hired to calm the nerves of Ellen Howe, top of the bill at the Merrymakers Music Hall. She keeps freezing on stage, though she insists that nothing is wrong. It seems like an easy case – until Ellen disappears, leaving only a note behind her. And the rest of the cast are giving nothing away.

Katherine and Connie have to win the trust of Ellen’s fellow-performers to have a chance of finding her. But the deeper they plunge into the world of the music hall, the more secrets they must hide from their families and loved ones – and the more danger they find themselves in, as the threats against them turn from words to actions…

Can they see through the glamour of the stage to find out what really happened to the missing star?

The Case of the Runaway Client is the second book in the Caster & Fleet mystery series, set in 1890s London.