My dear, do you remember giving me a knife for making pens? I missed it when I pulled a feather through the bars but had only my teeth to cut a nib from its quill. But no matter. I have no ink so I write my love with tears. I knew they had destroyed you when half my heart stopped beating. I hope they were not too cruel. The executioner comes for me now, but by the time this invisible letter flutters from my lifeless hand, we will be together once more, never in all eternity, to be parted again.

IMG_2860Words and picture copyright Paula Harmon 2017 and should not be reproduced without the author’s express permission.

From a challenge on Thin Spiral Notebook – check out other what other people wrote

2 thoughts on “Penmanship

  1. I enjoyed this 100 word challenge very much. You have a very active imagination! While looking at your website I noticed that you’ve published some books. I just purchased two of them. I’m looking forward to reading them. I look forward to reading more of your 100 Word Challenge pieces. I don’t have a website so I post on the 100 Word Challenge website.

    1. Oh wow – thank you so much! I so hope you enjoy them. I found the WordPress website easy to set up and it’s worth having a try. Let me know if you do.

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